Are you ready for YOUR husband

to find you?

“The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD."

Proverbs 18:22 (NLT) 

Do you desire to be married?

Are you envisioning and dreaming of spending the rest of your life with the one you love?

Marriage is a wonderful and beautiful experience, but are you prepared for your future husband to find you? Several aspects of your life must be aligned to make way for you to attract, meet, and marry the man God has prepared for you. Are you ready?

In this unique coaching journal-planner, Coach Tarsha Campbell has pulled insights from 34 years of being happily married to take you on a step-by-step, enriching, insightful, and fun journey.

This interactive journal will help you prepare to be a wife spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially. It is time to take the necessary steps to manifest what you have envisioned and dreamed of in a marriage by preparing to be the wife your future husband is searching for. He is looking for you, his wife.

Are you ready to be found?

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The My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal & Planner for Single Women Desiring Marriage was created for every single woman WHO IS READY to get ready to be found by her husband.

Being found by your husband starts with envisioning yourself as a wife.

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Proverbs 18:22 (NKJV) says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” I love how the New Living Translation (NTL) translates this verse: “The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD.” From both of these translations, we can clearly see that marriage is a good thing and a God thing.

What most stands out to me in Proverbs 18:22 is the first part of that Scripture, which states, “He who finds a wife…” I don’t know about you, but the two key words, “find” and “wife,” seem to scream for my attention. Are you ready for your future husband to find his wife? I strongly believe that, in order to attract and be found by the man who is to be your husband, you must already be a “wife.” In my opinion, this is a “key” prerequisite to marriage that every single woman desiring to be married should zero in on.

Having seen it play out in my own life, as well as in the lives of former single women who are now happily married, I have deduced that there are certain things that must be in order in your life to make way for you to attract, meet, and marry the man whom God has prepared for you. Are you ready? In your present state, can you be recognized and identified as a wife? I’ve concluded that, while there may be tons of single women out there, a wise and suitable man (and I stress “wise and suitable man”) searching for the person with whom to spend the rest of his life in Holy Matrimony is searching for not just a woman but a “wife.”

With that point established, as a single woman desiring marriage—and as a single woman living with a biblical worldview—it’s important that you prepare for marriage. I feel it’s necessary that you develop the mindset of a wife long before you actually walk down the aisle to become a wife. Preparation is key. It puts you on the path to being “found” by your future husband, who is searching for “his wife,” with the ultimate goal of having a successful marriage. Are you ready?

Coach Tarsha

This empowerment resource can help you get ready.

Plus it will be a beautiful keepsake to remember your journey to becoming a wife.


Hot off the press from the Coach in a Book Series™

The My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal & Planner® for Single Women Desiring Marriage is a beautiful 7x10 hardcover journal-planner that easily slips into your purse or tote bag. This empowerment resource features 216 pages of step-by-step, enriching, and insightful commentary, plus self development and planning worksheets to guide you through your preparation to become an exceptional wife. This interactive journal-planner is specially designed to:
  • Help you clarify and express your dream and vision for marriage.
  • Help you tap into God’s divine intentions for you as a wife.
  • Guide you through preparing to be the wife your future husband is searching for.
  • Help you pinpoint areas you need to work on and adjust to ensure you are undeniably irresistible to the man of your dreams.
  • Guide you through preparing for your wedding day, married life and future as a wife.
  • Help you build a strong foundation for a happy and successful marriage.
This unique journal-planner is also designed to be a fun and exciting experience as you envision yourself as a wife, engage in keeping the dream of marriage alive and build your faith now and for the future!
Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect!

What's inside...The Table of Contents

Step 01


Learn the purpose of this unique 

empowerment resource and

the keys to a successful marriage.

Step 02

Dear God

This is where your request for you husband should begin. Starting with a request to God ensures you will marry the man designed for you, and you designed for him.

Step 03

My Vision Boards

Never underestimate the power of vision to make marital dreams come true. It’s time to create vision boards to express your hopes and desires.

Step 04

Clarifying your

Core Values &

Personal Creed

Clarifying your values and what you stand for will ensure you don’t fall for anything or anyone.

Step 05

Identifying Your

Strengths & Barriers

Let’s spend time identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), as well as the barriers you are facing when it comes

to being found by your future husband.

Step 06

Steps to Get Ready

for Marriage

It’s time to take the necessary steps and pinpoint items you must work on to spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, relationally, and financially prepare for marriage.

Step 07

The Attraction Factor

Where do you stand when it comes to outer & inner beauty? Are you on point, do you need some tweaks, or do you need a complete makeover?

Step 08

Husband Magnet

Are you a husband magnet? Have you identified the positive & negative qualities you possess that would attract or repel your future husband?

Step 09

Financially Fit & Fine

A financially prepared woman is an attractive wife-to-be to a wise man searching for his wife. Are you financially fit & fine?

Step 10

Dear Future

Husband Letters

Keep your dreams alive, and by faith, write letters to your future husband to express your heart to him.

Step 11

My Bucket Lists

My Engagement Bucket List

My Wedding Bucket List

My Honeymoon Bucket List

My Marriage Bucket List

Step 12

My Hope Chest

Preparation is key. Write down things you’ll need at the start of your marriage.

Step 13

My Vow to Purity

Purity matters. Write your promise to God, yourself, and your future husband.

Step 14

31 Days of Affirmations

It’s time to align your thoughts and words with what you envision by writing affirmations about your future as a married woman.

Step 15

Scripture Meditation

for Preparation

Let’s meditate upon Scriptures to help you prepare for and approach marriage by studying how God views and designed it.

Step 16

Dreaming Ahead:

Planning for Your Wedding Day

You’ve got yourself all ready for your future husband to find you. Don’t stop dreaming and envisioning. Now plan what you will need for your wedding day.

Step 17

Advice for a

Happy Married Life

Go to those who know. Get advice from high-quality and high-standard wives and men who can help you prepare for a successful marriage.

Step 18

I’m Glad You Found Me

By faith, compose a prayer of thanksgiving and a declaration of gratitude because you have been found by your beloved husband.

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My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal & Planner For Single Women Desiring Marriage

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“This is hands down the most comprehensive book I've ever seen for single women preparing for marriage. Coach Tarsha didn't leave any stones unturned and handled the sensitive topics with compassion…I highly recommend this book, and not just for single women, but for women who are engaged and dare I say, married women will benefit from this resource.”

Tanya Marie Lewis

Author & Coach

"When I received a copy of My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal & Planner for Single Women Desiring Marriage, I was surprised at the strategically organized layout and planning pages that covered my thoughts, and what I'm envisioning... What a great tool”

Gail Gardner

Minister & Author

“The journal-planner is beautiful and a perfect size! I love that it's a hardcover book. It's going to be a nice keepsake to hold on to for a lifetime once completed.”

T.L. Patterson

Entrepreneur & Planner

“This is truly a unique resource. It's evident a lot of thought went into its development. The topics covered are a game-changer.”

LeShone C.

Excited Reader

“Tarsha's 'My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal & Planner for Single Women Desiring Marriage' is a transformative tool that has profoundly impacted my journey towards marriage. Through its thoughtful guidance and interactive exercises, I've found myself equipped with the necessary tools to align my life spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially in preparation for the beautiful union I envision...What sets this journal apart is its holistic approach to preparation. It's not solely focused on finding a partner, but rather on becoming the best version of ourselves for the person we're destined to meet. From identifying core values to nurturing self-care routines, 'My Next Step Vision Board Dream Journal & Planner' covers every facet of personal development essential for a fulfilling partnership.”

Lindsay Puello


"I am beyond elated to have received my Next Step Vision Board: Dream Journal & Planner, designed specifically for single women ready to prepare to be found by their future husbands.

I thoroughly enjoy delving deep into the thought-provoking questions and engaging activities that guide me in this season of preparation, ensuring that I am ready and in a position to be found. "

Jawanda Dove

Expected Future Wife


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  • "This class was life-changing for me. Although, I was in a comfortable place in my singleness. Writing my desires and vision down has changed my heart towards marriage again. I do believe that God has a special man for me. I look forward to my future with my new husband to come. Thank you woman of God for your obedience."

  • "The event was very informative and interesting...The session was wonderful. It has given me the tools I need to prepare for my husband."

  • "The presentation was exemplary! Coach Tarsha's character, especially those who have attended her other workshops, know she is true to her character. It was not just a workshop, you could hear her heart leaning to the Father's heart as layers of content was presented."

  • "The presentation was thoroughly laid out and responses to questioning conveyed authentic engagement and broad perspectives."

  • "You can tell that each item in the vision board kit was well thought out by the facilitator and they all were connected."

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